December 17, 2016


Here are some photographs from one of our camping spots in Sweden. It was perfect and one of the most beautiful views to fall asleep to and wake up to. It was also the place where I first fell in love with Sweden. This was actually our first camping spot of our trip around Vänern lake and it was amazing. We were greeted with one of the most beautiful 
sunsets ever. I could sit there for hours watching the sunset and Ferdi fishing, which I actually did. And as you can see, I also took lots of photos.
I am so happy with these photographs. They are just as beautiful as that place was in real life and they make me fall in love with Sweden all over again. When can I go back?

I'm currently trying to find a place where my boyfriend and I can go for a little winter break. We both would really like to visit some snow, but we don't know where yet. Any tips?

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