December 03, 2016


With the temperatures starting to drop below 0, I'm slowly starting to get my hopes up for a winter with lots of snow.
With a smile on my face I was remembering the times we had our little country covered in beautiful white snow. Which lead me to taking these pictures, from early 2015, out of my archives and sharing them with you for some winter spirit.

I have so many good memories of winter. As a kid I was always playing outside with my friends when it had snowed. I remember trying to build an igloo in which I wanted to spend the night, but never finishing it, because it took way too long. I remember having snowball fights on the school playground and being able to go to school on a sleigh instead of on my bike. I remember building snowmen in our backyard with my family. I remember the joy when it had frozen a couple of days, so we could go out ice skating and I remember me falling so many times but still finding it the most fun thing ever. I even remember my teacher once flooded the school playground, so we could ice skate during our lunch break. That was pretty much the best school day ever.
If this winter I can either go ice skating on real ice in front of my parents' home, or throw snowballs in the faces of my loved ones, my year is made.

I feel like when you get older, you forget how much fun winter can be. I hear so many adults complaining about the cold, the dark and the extra maintenance of houses and cars. I feel like they have forgotten to love it too. Yes it sucks freezing your ass of when clearing the snow and ice of your car, but that's definitely not all winter can bring. If there is one season of the year in which you can embrace your inner child, it's probably winter. Because who doesn't feel like a kid when you wake up to see the first bit of snow from your bedroom window, or when Christmas is coming to town, or see that pile of presents under the tree and that one with your name on it, or when you enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate after having a snow ball fight with friends and family. So if you're one of those people moaning about winter, remember your childhood memories and embrace your inner child and make this time of the year the most wonderful time of the year. And especially, don't forget to share this time with friends and family.

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