December 07, 2016


I had these three photographs on my phone which I made over the weekend and I kind of really like them. So I figured I'd post them in a little blog post. I'm loving the weather right now. It's cold, but bearable and a good opportunity to take some nice photographs. I have yet to go on a long walk and take lots of pictures. I just love bundling up with a chunky knit sweater, a big coat and a nice warm scarf and get out in the cold weather to enjoy the beauty of all the ice, frost, mist and the nature around me. Even the little things like the little white clouds your breath makes when exhaling,
the crunchy sounds you hear when walking on grass covered in ice, the patterns the ice makes on the windows of cars and homes. I love how slowly more and more people are decorating their houses for Christmas time and how the shops and streets are starting to look all Christmassy. I think it's a time where so many people are happy and enjoying buying presents for each other, or maybe even little presents for themselves, or enjoying a hot chocolate in a cute little cafe, or having fun ice skating on the market square. It's a great time to have a good time and I hope everyone is.

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